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Andrew Rhodes

CSM Practice
Director of Customer Success Education
Portland, OR
I want to know about your goals. We can talk about strategy, eCommerce, logistics, payment processing, or Japanese food - sure, but chances are you've got a few burning questions about how to make your business better. How can I help?

The standard bio:

In the past decade, Andrew gained deep expertise in sales operations, strategic business consulting and business development. Throughout his career Andrew has made it his mission to guide his clients to success from the very start of their partnership. His rich education in customer success and sales renewals gives Andrew a unique perspective into the challenges facing high-growth companies today.

Once he completed his formal education in Physics and Astronomy, Andrew made it his life’s mission to understand how people achieve their goals at every level of an organization. His mission has taken him from serving as a volunteer Park Ranger around active lava flows to training business executives on the benefits of secure Payment Processing technology. When Andrew is not preparing and leading customer success training sessions, Andrew is exploring the Oregon wilderness and channeling his inner mad scientist in the kitchen.