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Oliver Johnson

Talk to me about: Android, sensory interfaces and marine biology

I just moved back to Oregon after being away for years. I'm hoping to learn about and meet people involved with the science and tech communities here.
I have bootstrapped my company, RoboNouveau through Android consulting and contracting (5 years experience and I'm available for work!). My company's first product (soon to be out) is EverAware (tentative name) which is a developer-oriented SDK that opens up some (and more) of the contextual-awareness seen in Google Now (such as remembering where your car was parked, commuter routes, etc.).

Additionally, I have been carrying over some research on using EMG as a control input for smartphones now that the patent went through from research I had done at the University of Washington. I hope to do more work with brain-computer interfaces and neuroscience down the road.

Lastly, I love to scuba dive and try to drive out to the coast once a week to wander about.